Fremantle Rail Bridge

Fremantle Bridge Construction

Fremantle Rail Bridge

Enviro undertook work on the Fremantle Rail Bridge, working closely with John Holland and the Public Transport Authority to perform multiple scopes of work as per below:

Project Description

  • Scope 1– Provide 6 man safeworking team to control rail safety management at site.
  • Scope 2 – Install new steel angle supports beneath walkway & cut down walkway and PFC’s To allow safe passage of high railer vehicles over the bridge.
  • Scope 3 – Repair Structural damage to transom support cleats after collision with the freight ship. Grind and expose Welds for inspection by engineer, Co-ordinate Mag particle testing of main bridge beams, Re-paint exposed steel.
  • Scope 4 – Assist with Transom replacement works.


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